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My Recent Reads that I recommend you check out! Only 4-5 star review books will be shared.

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Unbroken Bonds - 5 Stars

Unbroken Bonds by J. Bree is a remarkable conclusion to the series that will leave readers in awe. Bree's writing style and attention to detail create an immersive experience that captures the reader's attention from beginning to end. The characters are well developed and their relationships are realistic and heartwarming. The plot is engaging and full of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the very end. Overall, Unbroken Bonds is an exceptional read that will leave readers satisfied and fulfilled.

Without giving away any spoilers, it can be said that Bree masterfully ties up loose ends and delivers a satisfying ending to the series. The emotions and themes explored in the book are relatable and poignant, making the story resonate with readers on a personal level. Unbroken Bonds is a must-read for fans of the series and a great recommendation for anyone looking for a well-crafted and satisfying read.

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The Alpha- 5+ Stars

The Alpha by Dannika Dark is an outstanding addition to the paranormal romance genre. Dark's writing is rich, vivid, and full of sensory details that bring the world of the story to life. The characters are well-crafted, with distinct personalities and motivations that make them feel like real people. The setting is equally immersive, with a detailed and well-thought-out world that readers will love exploring.

What sets The Alpha apart from other paranormal romances is the depth of emotion and the complex relationships between the characters. The romance between the two main characters is steamy and satisfying, but it's the friendships and family relationships that truly make this book shine. The themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and forgiveness are explored with nuance and subtlety, making the story feel grounded in reality despite its fantastical elements. Overall, The Alpha is a must-read for fans of the genre, and a great recommendation for anyone looking for a compelling and emotionally resonant story.


Seraphim Academy Series-5 Stars!

Seraphim Academy by Elizabeth Briggs is a fantastic young adult paranormal romance that will leave readers hooked from start to finish. The story is fast-paced and action-packed, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers on their toes. The romance between the main characters is hot and steamy, with sizzling chemistry that practically leaps off the page. Briggs does an excellent job of balancing the romance with the larger plot, creating a story that is both compelling and satisfying.

What really sets Seraphim Academy apart, however, is its amazing cast of characters. The main character, Olivia, is strong, smart, and incredibly likable, while her love interests, Callum, Malcolm, Bastien, and Castiel are each complex and intriguing character with plenty of depth. The supporting cast is equally well-developed, with each character bringing something unique to the story. Briggs has a talent for creating characters that readers will care about and root for, even as they navigate the dangerous and unpredictable world of the Seraphim Academy. Overall, Seraphim Academy is a must-read for fans of RH paranormal romance, and a great recommendation for anyone looking for a fast-paced, steamy, and engaging story.

Excited for this New Release 

It's the conclusion of Raven and Christian's story! You know I'm here for it. I will get the review up as soon as I finish reading!  

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