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Are you looking for assistance in any part of the writing process? This is where a book coach comes in. As a book coach, I can assist you in the development of ideas, plotting, planning, writing, marketing and advertising of your books. I specialize in paranormal romance, urban fantasy, mystery, thriller and young adult novels. I can assist you in every part of the creative process, offering emotional support, project management, and editorial guidance. 


These are my writing partners, Minerva and Luci.


I am Danielle Staley and I write under the pen name Dora Blume. I have been published for three years with fifteen published works. I have a Master's degree in English Studies and graduate certification in teaching writing at all levels from Minnesota State University. I taught English in grades 8-12 for the last nine years. I taught composition and literature and film of diverse cultures at Minnesota State University.  

As a certified life coach, I bring a unique perspective to my coaching practice. I am a big believer that our writing practice is entwined with our life and what we believe. I bring ideas from readings on manifestation, life coaching, mindfulness, and my experience and expertise as an author and educator. 

Book Coaching

Need help working on your WIP? A writing coach encourages and provides assistance throughout the entire process. Think of me as your creativity guru.

How I help your project varies between projects and authors.

You might need help with the following:

  • Accountability

  • Creating set goals and deadlines for yourself

  • Story development

  • Character development

  • Dialogue flow

  • Concept and structure work

  • Formatting logistics

  • Research on books similar to your idea

  • Research keywords/categories to fit your book

  • Building an author/book platform

  • Developing a promotion plan for success

  • Help creating ads on various platforms. 

  • Help finding keywords and authors that fit your specific novel.

  • Challenges/roadblocks you’re facing

  • Address life challenges and how those affect writing and energy

  • Motivational coaching and visualization 

  • Feedback and pep talks

  • Or just advice!

Book Coaching Pricing Plans

  • Basic

    Perfect for check-ins or getting started
    • -Preliminary Q&A about project
    • -60 minute preliminary meeting
    • -Feedback on 10-20 pages of submitted writing.
    • Two weeks of email support
  • Beyond Basic

    Perfect for those looking for more
    • -Preliminary Q &A about project
    • -60 minute zoom meeting
    • - 30 minute check-in
    • -Feedback on 25-30 pages of writing
    • -one month of email support
  • Ultimate Package

    • -Preliminary Q &A to discuss project
    • -One 60 minute preliminary meeting
    • - Three 30 minute zoom check-ins (weekly or bi-weekly)
    • - Feedback on up to 100 pages of manuscript
    • -Plan for future-promotion, project, etc.
    • - Research of keywords, categories, similar authors
    • - on going email support for two months

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