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Image by Marek Piwnicki
cover_md (7).jpg

Lake of Sins | Book One

cover_md (10).jpg

Abducted For The Pack
Natalia Prim

cover_md (13).jpg

The Girl Next Door:
A Dark Paranormal
Gothic Romance
J. R. Rogue

cover_md (16).jpg

Sea of Darkness
Isadora Brown


 Black Flames, Ember 1
Madilynn Dale


 Alien Abduction for Santa
Skye MacKinnon

cover_md (8).jpg

Kiss of Smoke
Amy Pennza

cover_md (11).jpg

No Rest For The Wicked
Naomi Valkyrie

cover_md (14).jpg

 Death & Chaos
Cassandra Joy

cover_md (17).jpg

Blood Of A Promise
Leeah Taylor


 Wyvern's Sigil
Kater Cheek

cover_md (9).jpg
cover_md (9).jpg

Once Upon An Ever After
Stephanie Morris

cover_md (12).jpg

Fallen Angels | Book One
Melissa Riddell

cover_md (15).jpg

Aliens On Earth
A Limited Edition
Sci-Fi Romance Collection
Zoey Indiana

blood dusk.jpg

Blood At Dusk

Brenna Harlow

As December approaches, this is the perfect time to get a copy of your favorite holiday read.

The DECEMBER BOOK FAIR is the best to get the best deals and purchases.

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 An Imperfect Trap
C.N. Rowan

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