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Enchanted by the Enemy

Skyler’s life is full of bad decisions, but falling for her enemy may be the worst one yet.

A year ago, her father was killed by his mark. Not having any choice, she borrowed money from a loan shark to pay for funeral expenses. After missing a payment, the loan is due, in full. Her measly tips aren’t going to cut it. 

Aaron has come to town to kill the next descendant. When he meets her, the spark between them is lit. Can he hold off the other warlocks long enough to figure out what’s between them? 

Discovering she’s a mage throws Skyler’s life in chaos. Kaira, another mage, and her sister, helps her unravel the world she didn’t know existed. 

How will she navigate her new life as a witch when the only man she trusts is trying to kill her? 

Buy the second gripping installment of the Enchanted by the Craft Series. 

The Enchanted Crossroads

A Vengeful God. An army of evil warlocks. An inexperienced witch, the world's only hope...

Kaira's life was going according to plan until the death of her mother revealed a world-shattering secret. She was a witch.

To save the world, Kaira’s going to have to find the sisters she didn’t know existed with powers she doesn’t know how to use. 

Leif, the driven coven leader, rescues her from the warlocks trying to kill her. Their spark is instant. He’ll teach her how to be a witch if they don’t let their romance get in the way. 

Armed with her new skills, aided by her love interest Leif, Kaira embarks on a quest to find her siblings and save the world!

If you love supernatural suspense, and steamy romance, you’ll love this spellbinding adventure! 

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Enchanted by the Spirit

There was one rule for a sage. Don’t fall in love with your charge. 

Zoe and Theo had grown up together. Theo knew she was a mage, Zoe didn’t. When she starts seeing dead people, the secrets of her life are revealed. She’s a witch. 

Now they're in a race against time to save themselves from being hunted by a vengeful God. The only one who can help them, held captive. 

How will they manage to save the Goddess while being hunted by his magical army? 

Find out in this thrilling magical adventure! 

Enchanted by the Earth

A Vengeful God. An army who's out to kill. A witch who discovered her powers yesterday.

Will she be able to master her powers fast enough to save the world?

Ivey returns home, ready to start her life after college. Preston is being pressured by his shifter family to settle down. Neither of them are ready to battle a God or his army.

When Ivey's attacked in the parking lot where she works, Preston comes to her rescue. Morrigans are hunting her and only Preston's fierce shifter pack can protect her. 

How will they escape the Morrigans, find Hecate, and continue on their quest to defeat the evil God who threatens all their lives?

Find out in the thrilling third installment of the Enchanted by the Craft Series.


Enchanted by the Craft


The Enchanted Fall

A pissed off Goddess, a vengeful God who wants his family back, and a group of inexperienced witches who have to save the future of magic.

A regular day at the office, right?

Kaira and the crew are finally together, but they have no idea what to do next to stop the vengeful God. Hecate has been freed but hasn’t returned. Skyler was on a fact finding mission but may have been discovered as a traitor.

What else could go wrong?

Oh yes, Shar pissed off a pretty powerful Goddess and her sister wants them all dead so she can find her happiness with their father.

No big deal, right?

Did I mention, Morrigan their father is also sleeping with the woman who wants them all dead? He could turn to her side at any moment and take them out without a second thought. This day at the office, may be unlike any other.

Strap in, for the adventure, betrayal, and a little time for some salacious romance.

A forbidden love, A deep betrayal, and vengeful God who's out for blood.

Cordelia's finally escaped living under the shadow of her past. Making a name for herself at her sorority and starting a new life, her only desire. Until she meets Flynt. With him comes a life-shattering secret. She's a witch.

Destined to fight an evil God, she has to battle what she never wanted to face again, her past. She thought she found refuge with Flynt, but he has his own battles to fight. He's not allowed to be with a mage. Shifter rules. His entire family works against them. Love may not be enough. 

Morrigan and Hecate's past has come to light. A betrayal so deep it shatters everything they knew about their loss. Now, Morrigan is more determined than ever to get revenge for the loss of his children. Will the five descendants survive his vengeful wrath, or will the betrayal of one of their own rock them to their core?

Find out what happens next in this thrilling magical adventure!

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