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One Princess, three sexy protectors, one king that wants to end their lives forever.

Heartbroken, Lyla is determined to exact revenge but her beloved protectors only want to keep her safe. The King is after her, they insist, and it’s time to lie low.

But the enemy is smarter than she knows and uses her own feelings against her. A trap leads to her imprisonment, and she fears she’s been betrayed by her enemy-turned-lover.

The King wants all her power for himself, and offers her a choice - marry or everyone you love will die.

An impossible choice, but without her protectors by her side, who will Lyla trust?

Find out in this steamy sequel. If you love why choose paranormal romance, you’ll love this series full of secrets, betrayal, love, and royalty.

Savior of a Moonlit Vow (Hidden Fae Series Book 2)